Your logo is the face of your business and a major component of its visual identity. It’s the first thing people see and it’s what potential customers will remember about you. Think of Spotify, Target, Mercedes Benz or other iconic brands - it’s likely that what first comes to mind is their logo. A powerful, memorable logo leaves an impression on customers -  it’s key to inspiring them to do business with you and to return time and again.

We already know that first impressions are important - just by looking at your logo, would-be clients make judgment calls in seconds about your company’s professionalism, aesthetics and trustworthiness. For businesses, it’s the first thing people see and it’s also the base of branding, shorthand for your company’s identity in marketing and advertising. Regardless of your qualifications and experience, customers will opt to do business with someone else if your logo doesn’t appear professional. This is an emotional rather than a rational response, so curry favor with a clean, but impactful design that represents your company’s identity and values. Check out your competitors’ logos, and make sure yours doesn’t look the same - you don’t want to lose customers over confusion about brand identity.

Use color schemes, fonts and images that help to reinforce your company’s identity. Black logos tend to be associated with sophistication and luxury, while pink branding denotes femininity - think companies like Victoria’s Secret - and green logos evoke nature and eco-friendliness. Studies have shown that the combination of red and yellow makes people hungry, so many fast food chains have adopted these colors. The fonts you use in your logo and in marketing material can also set a tone and communicate messages. A spa might use more delicate, curved text, while bold letters would be better for a legal firm or roofing company. (Solid, bold fonts tend to convey strength and authority.)

Make sure to be consistent in your usage of fonts, colors and graphics across branding material and media presentations both in print and on the web. Inconsistencies can be confusing and simply look unprofessional. Because people tend to retain visual memories 40% better than auditory memories, it’s important to put your all into your company’s visual presentation, and your logo is the best place to start. A well-designed logo can boost your social media followers, clients and overall brand perception.