Having a strong logo for your brand is important for many reasons. It inclines would-be customers to have a good first impression and to trust your company’s professionalism. It’s the base of your branding and allows clients to recognize your company across different marketing mediums.

For this reason, you’ll want to make sure the logo you use is as strong as possible. There are a few different ways to get a logo designed, which will depend on your budget and prior design know-how. You could hire a professional designer or design studio, hire a freelance designer through an online marketplace, make your own logo using graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator, or use an online logo maker. Here we’ll explore the final option.

We tend to be doubtful of online logo makers - are they too automated and generic? Too limited in terms of aesthetic possibilities and images? Too complicated? In fact, many have amazing versatility, ease of use and customization options, often using artificial intelligence technology to direct your design and suggest high quality options. There are a number of online logo generators, some of which we’ve reviewed, but the possibilities are extensive.  

Many logo generators allow you to customize various elements of the design. First, you can choose an image from an image library (or in some cases upload your own). Add text with your company’s name and a slogan if you’d like, and play around with font, text size, weight, spacing and more. Then try different color schemes, even applying them to the image itself, as well as the text, background and any shapes you add. Move around the different elements until you’re satisfied with the design. When you download the final logo, you’ll have the option to purchase different kinds of files to use on your website, social media, letterhead or other print marketing or merchandise.

Logo generators are great for users who don’t have design experience, as they’re quite user-friendly and straightforward. Plus, many won’t charge you anything at all until you’re ready to download your finalized logo. A few won’t charge you for the download, although they might leave a watermark. You can use the watermarked image to see how your logo looks on different marketing material, then make any changes necessary and purchase higher-resolution, watermark-free files for a reasonable price.

Logo generators are a great, sensible option for users who have budget limitations or are short on time. Another perk of using logo generators is that you can edit as much as you want - typically when working with designers, they’ll only include a couple of edits. And creating a logo with a logo generator gets you faster results. Generators can produce multiple designs at once, while designers take more than 24 hours.