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  • Great prices for logo design, starting at $5
  • Allows you to contact designers directly
  • Wide variety of designers
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As its name implies, Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers a variety of services with prices starting at $5 a job. Geared towards freelancers, it offers great prices for logo design, video editing, digital marketing and more. Fiverr has a huge selection of designers to choose from, with different styles and adjustable budgets to fit any client’s needs.

Fiverr in detail

Fiverr is one of the few logo design companies that allows you to contact designers directly. If you click on the Logo Design section of Fiverr’s site, you’ll find pages upon pages of designers offering their services. These options are diverse - from origami style designers to those who specialize in cartoon characters or modern minimalist designs. When you’ve made a decision, send the designer a message - they typically offer a base price and some extra options at a higher price. Make sure to ask about how many initial designs and revisions they offer, and ensure that you’re able to communicate the concept for your logo so you’ll be happy with the finished product.

Thumbs Up

  • Wide variety of designers
  • Prices as low as $5
  • Designers are reviewed
  • No signup fee

Thumbs Down

  • No quality control - anyone can make an account
  • No customer support

User experience

Can a service be too easy to use? Fiverr allows you to create a free account to search for designers and access their profiles. There’s a Pro account option, but the free account offers so many designers to choose from that there isn’t much of a need to upgrade. There are so many designers that you might want to do a search by Recommended or Best Selling designers to filter the (somewhat overwhelming) options. And in the left hand column, you can search designers based on what language they speak, price range, design style, delivery time and even whether they’re online right now.

Open designers’ profiles to see their available packages - they often have several to choose from, with a few different services. Check out a few profiles to get an idea of what kind of service you can get, read reviews and see which designer would be the best match. If you see one that you like but don’t want to commit, you can bookmark it for later.

And if you’d like to make a different offer, freelancers often will accept custom packages for clients with specific needs. Once you’ve made your choice, send your designer some information and relevant images to guide them and within a few days you’ll get the results. Also a good thing to look at when reading designers’ bios: how many revisions they offer! Some offer just one, while others will do as many edits as necessary until you’re 100% satisfied.

Working directly with designers has tons of advantages. But note that in the case of Fiverr, at least, there’s no customer support through the platform - once you decide to work with a particular designer, all communication is one-on-one.


Prices on Fiverr start at $5, but of course you’ll find a range of prices - often designers offer a base price, a standard price and a premium price. The difference between these in some cases (although it differs from designer to designer) might be the amount of time that it takes to complete the design, the number of initial concepts or the file types included. You’ll likely find that beginner designers charge less, and may have fewer reviews, but keep an open mind - they may have experience despite being new to the platform. Make sure to read each designer’s packages carefully - they are not the same across the board.

And if you want to go big, purchasing a Fiverr Pro account will give you access to the marketplace’s most talented, premier designers.


Fiverr is a nearly perfect platform for logo design (and much more) - there are endless designers to choose from, you’ll be in direct contact with your designer throughout the process, and at the end you’ll get a fantastic customized logo. Customers get much more control this way than through a typical design company.

The downside is the lack of regulation. Anyone can make an account and offer their services, from the most novice to the most intuitive, talented designers out there. Quality control is limited to the review system.

This service is great for a small business, or anyone who has the time to read through lots of reviews and designer profiles. For a bigger company or one with more comprehensive marketing and logo needs, it might be best to use an all-in-one service with guaranteed experience.