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  • Great support throughout the process
  • Amazing selection of talented designers
  • Money back guarantee
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Design Crowd

Founded in 2008, DesignCrowd is an Australian-based crowdsourced graphic design marketplace. Designers work in diverse areas, from art and illustration to app design, web design and of course logo design. With over 700,000 designers using the platform, you can choose someone who’s the best fit and ask them to submit concepts for your project.

Design Crowd in detail

DesignCrowd functions under the concept that creative work is better with more input - that’s why their platform crowdsources projects, so clients can select from a diverse set of options for their designs. If you’d like to propose a project, start by sending in a creative brief with information about your budget. Your design will then be listed and designers will be able to send their design proposals. If you know what you’re looking for, filter designers by budget, rating, experience and style. You can also reach out to specific designers.

For the designers, DesignCrowd is a great space for growth. It ensures that each submitted design is private (that way designers won’t trample over each other or copy original work) and is one of the few platforms that allows clients to give designers feedback on their submissions.

It’s common to get around 100 design proposals for each project listed, above and beyond the amount of choice that other platforms offer.

If you’re looking for more than a logo, DesignCrowd also offers services in web design, app design, blog design, label design and more.

Thumbs Up

  • Great support throughout the process
  • Amazing selection of talented designers
  • Money back guarantee

Thumbs Down

  • Not so budget-friendly
  • Website can be confusing

User experience

While DesignCrowd has an attractive website, it’s not the most user-friendly to navigate. We spent a bit of time browsing before finding the gallery page - the site has lots of content, not limited to logo design, so it can be a bit overwhelming.

But submitting a contest is a bit more straightforward - it’s easy to sign up, plug in your proposal and payment information and send it all in. When the designs start coming in, things can get a bit more complicated. The amount of choice can feel overwhelming, as designers offer varying prices, styles and schedules. Because there are so many designers on the platform, DesignCrowd can’t offer a thorough vetting, which means that there’s no quality control or control of professionalism in client interactions. There’s likely a little bit of everything on the platform, a full range of client-designer experiences.

When you receive design submissions, DesignCrowd will request that you provide feedback for the designers. And after choosing your favorite, you’ll enter “design handover,” during which you interact with your designer, tweak the design if necessary and download your files.

DesignCrowd charges a commission on designers’ services, which actually isn’t the norm in the freelance market. This is more important information for designers, who’ll need to mark up their work to compensate, than for clients.

DesignCrowd has a stellar customer service team available 24/7 by phone and email, plus an online help center with FAQs that cover more than just the basic issues and questions. They’ll also provide great tips for business strategy and construction of your brand.


Pricing is not quite as straightforward on DesignCrowd as it is on other platforms. As we’ve mentioned, each designer sets their price point, so there is a wide range of offerings. But you won’t be able to see any numbers until you make an account.

Because there is such a diverse offering, it’s good to get an idea of what a typical logo design goes for. They range from $99 to nearly $1000 dollars, although some browsing around on active contests show that there’s not too much below the $400 dollar range. Putting a lower price point will still get you several submissions, but you’re at risk of reducing the quantity and quality of interested designers. For $99, the minimum, you’ll only get one designer, but doubling this will get you a pick of multiple submissions. DesignCrowd also offers predesigned packages at different price points, which promise a certain quantity of design submissions at each. They guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.

To incentivize designers, DesignCrowd offers perks like a $20 participation bonus for runner-up designs and the option of rescinding clients’ refund guarantee (so they commit to choosing one of the listed designers).


Customer fees:

-Posting and transaction fee: When you submit your proposal, you’ll be charged a fee, depending on project type, that can be up to $129. The (nonrefundable) transaction fee, paid when you complete a purchase, represents 4% of the total value.

-Project budget: Consists of the designer budget and project management fees. You’ll be charged management fees for projects valued at $200US and above. This is a refundable charge, unless you’ve already completed the project.

-Upgrades: These will be charged for additional project services and add-ons.


Designer fees:

-Registration: There are no registration fees for designers.

-Commission: DesignCrowd charges a 15% commission on designs.


DesignCrowd is a platform that pulls together a vast network of talented designers from around the world. That vast network is at your disposition when you submit a project proposal - and at the right price point, the results are truly excellent. Aside from some maneuverability issues with the website itself, the service is great, with reliable customer service available around the clock to make sure there are no bumps in the process.