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  • Great pricing options for businesses of all sizes
  • They’ll help with branding and social media
  • Tons of tools and ideas to help you create a unique logo
8.4 Very good
Ease of Use
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Design Flexibility 7/10


Generate your own fantastic logo through Looka's artificial intelligence technology. Their platform provides all of the tools and autonomy you’ll need to design your own unique logo. Great for all kinds of businesses, Looka allows you to instantly generate a high quality visual brand identity, for an affordable price.

Looka in detail

Looka uses artificial intelligence to help you put together your logo piece by piece, according to your industry, color preferences and the icons you’d like to include (there’s a huge theme-based library). They ask you to choose five logos that you like from a long list and use those aesthetics to generate your logo. It’s not a pre-generated design either - LogoJoy’s AI technology allows infinite permutations of its different elements to construct unique logos each time.

Looka has more premium fonts and a massive selection of icons and graphics that far surpasses competitors, allowing you to create personalized combinations of different elements to represent your company.

Looka 'soutput includes many design options to scroll through, all of which you can edit before making a payment. Change the icon used, the colors, fonts, borders and more.

Once you’ve paid for your logo, you’ll have access to different file types - but keep in mind that the basic plan only gets you one file, so you’ll have to upgrade for the rest. Those include PNG files, SVG and EPS files that allow you to resize your logo without compromising image quality, a black and white logo and files with colored and transparent backgrounds for maximum versatility.

Another perk is that upon purchase Looka gives you copyright ownership of your logo. No legal issues in sight, they’ve got you covered for any kind of commercial or non-commercial usage.

Looka's more high-end plan offers access to a designer, although it’s important to note that the designer’s role is to tweak your generated logo rather than create one from scratch as with other services.

Thumbs Up

  • User-friendly interface
  • Create your logo in minutes
  • You’ll have complete control over the process
  • Great pricing options for businesses of all sizes
  • No cookie-cutter templates
  • Tons of tools and ideas to help you create a unique logo
  • They’ll help with branding and social media

Thumbs Down

  • Designers’ role is limited to editing your logo once completed
  • No individualized contact with designers as competitors offer

User experience

Looka offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface. It’s easy to plug in basic information about your business and design aesthetics and get immediate output based on their algorithm. To edit your logo, there’s clear labeling to toggle different elements, and you can even make changes to the logo’s layout by clicking on “browse layout variations” at the bottom of the screen. But like any service, it’s not perfect. Some common complaints are a limitation to just one image per logo and a tricky color scheme generator.

We found that Looka's customer support is easy to use and quite helpful. Contact them through an online chat - you’ll be able to see if the representative is currently available. There’s also a built-in FAQ for after-hours queries.


Looka has three packages:

-Basic: For $20 USD, you’ll get a single file - a fairly low-resolution image.

-Premium: For $65 USD, LogoJoy’s most popular plan includes high-resolution files, PNG and B/W files, unlimited edits, print-ready files, tech support, copyright and a guide to branding complete with font names and colors.

-Enterprise: The $90 USD plan offers features that can be purchased as add-ons to other plans - one-on-one time with a designer, social media kits, business cards and brand guidelines.


We’re big fans of Looka - their artificial intelligence technology makes logo building a breeze, and the results are both attractive and functional. With minimal input about your design preferences, its powerful algorithms are able to pull together logos to suit anyone’s taste. They provide plenty of variations and easy editing for an affordable price. And it’s worth getting the premium package for all of the file types included, so you’ll be ready to put your logo online, in print or anywhere else.