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  • Great templates for all niches
  • Easy drag&drop interface
  • Three premium plans options
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Endurance International Group (known as a big conglomerate in website building) created SiteBuilder in 2014. The self-hosted website builder is based on England.


Sitebuilder in detail

Being free, SiteBuilder is great for freelancers or individuals. Its interface is very simple and in finding what you’ll use. Additionally you’ll have the option to have your site designed by the professionals at SiteBuilder.

Thumbs Up

  • Little time needed for the building
  • Basic ecommerce functions on highest plan
  • All the features included you’ll use
  • Sensational customer service that’s available 24/7
  • Free custom domains for everyone who upgrades their plans

Thumbs Down

  • Outdated and inflexible templates
  • It’s not possible to edit templates after publishing
  • Poor features
  • SEO tools are only available with Premium and Ecommerce Plans

User experience

With exception to the exceptional templates, the editor is probably the best thing about SiteBuilder. The layout is very useful for those wishing to skip over the fluff. Easy to follow, drag and drop functionality, and simple navigation are way ahead in the web building game.

Once you add the features you’ll require to start, then you’re ready for business. What you’ll get is a decent builder which makes it really easy to get it up and running.

Bragging rights go to SiteBuilder when it comes to features. It has everything you need, including blogging, ecommerce, forms and an app market.

What would be advantageous would be to have more accessible information, like tutorials and guides. Users of SiteBuilder have also complained that the interface is a bit too much. Convenient template selector lets you select themes in your style. The pre-filled templates guide your design, which makes possible a layout to build on. The drag-and-drop controls make it a basic for anyone who likes to make minor adjustments.

With 50MB of storage available, that won’t give your website the ideal start. It’s a very small size and it’ll be gone soon after you launch. 10GB might be alright but that’s still not enough to set you up for a while. The goal is growing, not stopping because you don’t have everything you need.

Starting a blog is no problem, and the SEO is much easier with this type of setup. You’ll have the option to get more services and tools at an additional payment. Basic features are on all plans.

The support system is pretty fantastic. What is in the spotlight is that they pick up calls from customers all the time. There’s also live chat (which is only for Premium and eCommerce customers).


Although the free plan exists, if you’d like to setup a custom domain or be without the ads you’ll be best choosing one of the three paid plans;

Pro plan: For $6.00 /month (though committing to one year will get you $5.50/month and a two year deal runs at $5.00). The templates are customizable and no ads. Additionally you’ll have webs stats and a domain for free. It’s a good plan, if you’re mostly interested in getting down to the bones. 5GB of storage is what you’ll get, which is not very much.

Premium Plan: For $9.00 /month (though committing to one year will get you $7.00/month and a two year deal runs at $6.00). It includes all the features in Pro plan, plus priority support, which typically includes live chat with a customer support representative of the company. You’ll have 5GB in this plan.

E-commerce Plan: For $14.00 /month (though committing to one year will get you $10.00/month and a two year deal runs at $9.00). If you’re interested in marketing products then this is your perfect option. All Premium plan’s features are included, plus support for e-commerce store integration.

SiteBuilder do offer a 14 day money back guarantee, accepting many types of payments including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and AE. Subscription terms range from monthly, to annual biennial or triennially. Promotional rates are often offered but do change from time to time.


With the free hosting you’ll not have to pull out any money for domain names within the lines of the premium plan. The domain name engine is located on the SiteBuilder website, so you can get all of your website requirements in one spot.

When you’re on the task of looking for a domain name you might find one free but most of the time you’ll have to pay for your own domain if you choose a self-hosted solution.

As said before, the plans cost are quite understandable. They have features individual for each plan, with advancements being available for a higher cost.

Opting for the premium plan you’ll receive what’s below;

  • A domain name: Users purchasing an annual plan will get a complimentary domain name for the first year of service with SiteBuilder
  • Analytics: Come with data gathering and analytics features which make it a snap to get data on your viewers. Things like; how what pages they view, how long they spent on your site, and others
  • Blogging: You can give yourself a break with the high level of blog functionality which is included.
  • E-commerce functionality: The top plans make it possible to pop up an online store with the e-commerce tool.

SiteBuilder offers email services, but this is an add-on. With the email add-on, you can receive messages using your website’s domain.

The SEO adjustments can be made on the app, additionally a SEO eBook comes complimentary so you can read up on consumer recognition levels for your viewers. Online stores realize this is essential. You can use email accounts to make your website everything you’ve dreamt of! Stores will be thrilled to have this custom contact email, so they can make sales conversions and security purposes as well.



Having more than 1,000 templates with SiteBuilder, it’s really impossible to not find one that meets your business needs. They’re organized under different themes. Some examples are beauty, fashion, hotel and travel, lifestyle, trade and construction, photography, and too much more. The only problem is once you’ve dedicated yourself to one you can’t switch it out in the center of the design process without everything going out the window. Being careful selecting a template is important, since it’s not interchangeable. We recommend you test out the templates first.

The theme you choose will adjust to any screen. The mobile editor makes it possible to edit anything from the comfort of your device. A plethora of mobile customizations including the ability adjust spaces between sections, to select from menu options, and to hide or show certain elements is available.



SiteBuilder gets you an all-in-one website packages that have anything and everything you’ll possibly need to get a move on building your website. Although they don’t give you a large amount of options, but is gentle to the work preference of simplicity.

Anyone who is seeking a simple builder and blog would enjoy this. Those who need a website beyond this, however, should look for a more feature-rich offering.